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Academy Soccer is the stepping stone from Recreational Soccer to Select Soccer.

This FAQ is intended to be a brief introduction to Academy and Select soccer for parents and players who are unfamiliar with it.  

1.   What is Academy soccer?

Academy soccer is more competitive than Recreational soccer. The training and coaching is carried out by licensed, professional soccer coaches. Compared to Recreational soccer, Academy soccer requires a greater time and financial commitment from the parents and players and mainly involves training and some games in and around the Middle Tennessee area.  

 2.   What age groups does Academy soccer apply to?

Academy Boys and Girls from U8 to U11 (2010-2007 Birth Years)

3.   Are the genders split?

 Yes, the teams are split into boys and girls teams.  

4.   How do I know which age group/birth year my son/daughter is in?

  Age Groups are identified based on birth year.  See Below (for 2017-2018 Age Group) 


Academy - 2017-2018

Age Group/Birth Year Grade Graduation Year
U8/2010 1 2029
U9/2009 2 2028
U10/2008 3 2027
U11/2007 4 2026
5.   Is Academy Soccer that different from Recreational soccer?

Yes, expectations for the players in Academy soccer are higher. There will be two 1 hour practices per week, with one or two games per month. Academy players are selected through tryouts.  

6.   When are Tryouts?

Tryout dates for Academy are posted on this website and are held around the end of May.

7.   How long is the commitment?

Players are registered through US Youth Soccer to play for All-In FC Tennessee for one year. The soccer year is split into two seasons; which runs from August to November and the Spring season, which runs from February to May. If a player leaves their team part way through their year, the full fee must still be paid before a release is given.

8.   How many teams are there in each age group?

It varies between age groups, but usually there will be between one to two teams per gender age group.  

9.   Can a player move between teams?

Yes, the coaching staff will make this decision. In the Academy, players can be moved up or down, depending on their ability level, their rate of development and their commitment level. Players on a lower level team can ‘club pass’ up to a higher level team, for one or more games, if the coaches agree.  

10.   Apart from regular season games, will the players go to tournaments?

Yes, teams may participate in a tournament if the coach sees fit and the team has an interest in doing so.  

11.   What is the financial cost of being on a Academy team for a season?

It varies, depending on participation in games, tournaments, and need for uniforms.

  • $150 per season
This fee covers  (1) All-In FC Nike Dri-Fit training jersey, Custom Nike All-In FC Soccer ball, US Club Soccer Affiliation Registration, field usage, insurance, coach's fee. In addition, there may be a uniform cost if the team chooses to participate in tournaments. The manufacturers change uniform designs every three years. Also, cleats or turf shoes can be worn for practices and games and cost around $50. Scholarships available on a case-by-case basis. 

12.   How much playing time will my son/daughter get?

Playing time will be affected by performance, ability, effort and commitment, both at practice and in games.
This is a coaching staff decision. Players can increase their playing time by improving in the four areas listed above.  

13.   Are players expected to attend every practice and every game?

Yes, if a player cannot make a practice or a game, the coach must be notified with as much advance notice as possible. While it is expected that a player will be at each practice and game, it is accepted that sickness and special occasions may mean a player misses an occasional practice or game.  

14.   Are there written codes of conduct for players and parents?

Yes. AIFC has written codes of conduct for players and parents.
Player and Parent Code of Conduct -   All-In Fütbol Club - Club Guidelines
15.    Can anyone find out information about our child and their team? 

Child safety is a paramount concern to All-In Futbol Club Tennessee. With that in mind, our policy prohibits staff members from communicating specific information about a child or team to any individual not listed in the child’s registration information.  We appreciate your understanding.


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